Social Evening Menu

From the very initial phone call to Tina through the completion of the event, Tina literally went above and beyond at every single turn! From coordinating multiple walk-through’s, to menu changes, to assisting with vendors and other tasks, Tina was, and is, exemplary!! Total gem. I also must call the staff on duty at the International Center, not only the evening of – but also the day before! They were second to none. Just a complete joy to work with.

Resnick Bar Mitzvah
Hollye Mackler Designs

Sophie & Debora – I want to thank you for everything that you both did to make our event such a success. The accommodations, food and service were outstanding. There was ‘no stone left unturned” as far as the quality of service that was provided. Derrick was unbelievable, he bent over backward for us. I cannot think of a single thing that we would do different on another visit to the International Center at the Atheneum Suites Hotel.

Michigan Certified Development Corporation